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The response to knit-a-square online has been so intense and heart-warming that we wondered if subscribers would like to consider a further idea.

The notion of giving is clearly close to so many good people’s hearts. They know truly that it is better to give than to receive. Yet in that very truth lies a strange paradox: the more you give, the more you receive. It’s as though the heavens have turned the idea of a dividend on its head.

So many people are responding to the urgent needs of millions of African AIDS orphans and abandoned children. Their posts to the knit-a-square groups and forums are in turn touching, inspiring and challenging. Many are humbling and emotionally moving.

One thing is clear. Between even the shortest of lines in each of the online posts lies a story. Some are funny, some sad. Some talk of triumph and others of illness and loss. But without fail, they focus on the two most wonderful gifts we humans have: love and hope.

Our thought was this. Could we collect these stories and give them to a wider world? If we did, like so many pebbles in a pond, the word would spread further, faster and deeper. And as the ripples expand, more squares are knitted, more blankets made, and more orphans comforted.

What’s the best way forward? Ask the people who are making it happen what to do!

So, here is a brief survey to test the idea of a book we could write, design and publish online. We ask you as a fellow knit-a-square member to complete the survey to establish if the idea is feasible and if so, would you be prepared to take part?

We have kept the survey short, knowing how busy you are, quite aside from knitting squares for the children. It should take no more than a few minutes of your precious time.

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